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Put simply, the gear box, a term often used interchangeably with transmission, is used to transfer energy from one device to another allowing the second device to move. The most known instance of a gear box is in the automobile. An automobile uses it to achieve varying speeds, while keeping the revolutions per minute (rpms) within an acceptable range. At Car Steering, we know gear boxes inside and out.

A vehicle that has a failing gear box can be a deadly vehicle, an aimless missile on wheels. If you neglect your gear box, your vehicle could lock up, your wheels stop turning, and your car no longer be drivable. This is especially dangerous if you are driving along at a high rate of speed. While you will be able to brake, not being able to turn could potentially turn tragic.

The symptoms of a failing gear box in a vehicle are not subtle and once you hear or see them, you cannot delay having your vehicle looked at:

● Leaks—Leaking red fluid could be the first sign of a potentially major issue.

● Rough Shifts—Thuds or knocks could indicate that your vehicle’s gears are having an issue when they attempt to change. Take note of vehicle’s ability, or lack thereof, to get to up to speed as efficiently as usual.

● Delayed Shift—In automatic vehicles, if there is a pause in movement when you shift from “P” to “D,” it indicates an issue with failing lubrication.

Additionally, a check engine light is not necessarily a sign of gear box failure, but if combined with any of the instances above, you need to have your vehicle checked out right away. Call our team at Car Steering in Miami, FL for gear box repair or replacement right away if you notice any of these symptoms.

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