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Rack and pinion is the most common type of steering system Car Steering works with. Enclosed in a metal tube is a gear-and-pinion gear set, with each end of the rack exposed. A rod called a tie rod connects to both ends of the rack. A gear (pinion gear) attaches to the end of the steering shaft.When the steering wheel turns, the gear spins and moves the rack left or right depending on the input from the driver. The tie rods connect to a spindle, which then moves the tires in the desired direction.

Steering ratio shows how far you need to turn the steering wheel to how far the wheels turn. A higher steering ratio indicates that you need to turn the steering wheel farther than a vehicle with a lower steering ratio to make the wheels move the same distance. Sportier vehicles have lower steering ratios, allowing them to have better handling. Combined with a power steering pump on the rack hydraulic fluid lubricating the system, it makes it much easier to turn.

Any rack and pinion issues should be taken very seriously as they can adversely affect a driver’s ability to control the vehicle. A regular inspection of your vehicle should include looking for uneven tire wear and leaks (reddish or brown fluid) under the front of your vehicle and listening for strange noises from the front the front of your vehicle. Finally, you should take note if your steering wheel is loose and needs more effort to move the wheel, or if the wheel does not return to the neutral position on its own.

If you hear, see, or experience any of these symptoms, you need to come see our experts at Car Steering in Miami, FL right away. This is especially true if you notice a combination of these symptoms. If caught early enough a rack and pinion repair is more cost-efficient than a rack and pinion replacement.

Call our team of experts today before it is too late.

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